Life is a ride

“In the cycling capital of the world we jumped on our bikes.” Read how two Mexican-Dutch brothers came up with the idea of MyHotelBike.

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In October 2011, my brother and I first shared ideas of starting our own company. We were aiming to launch a concept based on the main passion of Amsterdam, BIKES. Only, we didn’t want to start just another bicycle store, our plan was to kick off an idea that’s truly one-of-a-kind, something that could make a real difference, not only for our city but in potential for the whole world! At the time, our older brother was working as a hotel manager in Amsterdam, this let us rethink again… how about hotels?!

Life is a ride, a bicycle ride.

No other bike company was fully focusing on hotels. Here we could definitely make a difference, offering bikes to visitors in an easy way for everyone! A name? MyHotelBike! We decided to give it a shot and to be honest, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows when we started with 0 euro in our pockets, 4 bikes on the rainy streets of Amsterdam and 1 hotel as our only partner, but as kids we grew up selling Mexican handicrafts on street markets and it’s there where we learned that hard work pays off. Then, when we saw that Einstein quote, it just sticked with us: to keep your balance you must keep cycling. That’s why we see life as a ride, a bicycle ride. One that we all ride together!

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About MyHotelBike

MyHotelBike has heart for bikes, embraces diversity, and challenges itself to keep discovering innovative methods for creating a more sustainable world. In 2011 the company was founded by two local brothers in the cycling capital, Amsterdam. It became their mission to create a total cycling experience for visitors from all around the globe, saying goodbye to closing times, high deposits and strict rules, and welcoming the easiness of having bikes in front of hotels. Nowadays, renting a bicycle through MyHotelBike has become like cycling from home to anywhere. The company sees cycling as the most fun, healthy and planet-friendly way to commute from A to B. Therefore, MyHotelBike aims to inspire governments to improve cycling infrastructure in their cities and people to choose bikes over cars.

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