Life is a ride

“In the cycling capital of the world we jumped on our bikes.” Read how two Mexican-Dutch brothers came up with the idea of MyHotelBike.

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In October 2011 my brother and I started thinking of opening our own company. It had to contain the main passion of Amsterdam: BIKES. Not just another bike rental store. Something unique. Something of change. At the time, our older brother was working as a hotel manager in Amsterdam. This let us rethink again… and this time it didn’t take that long! “How about hotels?!”

Life is a ride, a bicycle ride.

No other bike company was completely focusing on hotels. Here we could definitely make a difference. Offering bikes in an easy way for everyone. A name? MyHotelBike. Assembling every asset around it. We decided to give it a shot and believe me, it was not easy—starting with 80 euro, 4 bikes and 1 hotel—but “hey” we grew up on the market and learned that hard work pays off. The wise words of Einstein sticked with us: “to keep your balance you must keep cycling”. That’s why we see life as a ride, a bicycle ride, and together with you we’re cycling along the road.

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About MyHotelBike

MyHotelBike has heart for bikes and is driven by innovation. In 2011 the company was founded by two local brothers in the cycling capital of the world: Amsterdam. It became their mission to create a homely cycling experience. No bike shop with specific closing times, high deposits and strict rules. Just hotel bikes. Cycling from your hotel through the city, exploring nearby hotspots and returning your bike whenever you feel like it. Everything should be at your own pace. Nowadays, MyHotelBike’s 24/7 pickup and return possibility enables you to cycle freely around town. The company empowers cities to enjoy cycling—the most fun, fit and eco-friendly way to see the local sights.

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