How a million issues melted into one solution.

When we entered the hotel world we could tear up our business plan at day one. We noticed one important thing: every hotel is different.

Ivan Cook, Mechanic — MyHotelBike
Ivan "The Flying Dutchman" fixing bikes at Hotel Corona in The Hague. — MyHotelBike

1st superpower

Back in the days—like everyone else—we also started with paperwork, but we soon didn’t like all the mysteries that came with it… Who rented that bike as last? How many bikes are rented in the weekends? How can we reduce the time of renting out a bike? How can we simplify the way of reporting repairs? We had lots of questions but no answers. Some things just needed to be changed. Together with hotels we decided to break into a large audacious sprint. It took us up to 7 years to create an online system that benefits all kind of hotels in their own way. Nobody had ever done this before and now we know why. It simply is one hell of a job.

A sprint of 7 years?!

Hostels, family hotels, hotel chains, luxury hotels. We asked and we listened, everyone was eager to improve. Over the years, more than 50% of our revenues have been reinvested in building our online system: rentals and repairs shaped to the wishes of your hotel. It was a tough decision that demanded 24/7 of our dedication and taking quite a risk. But we strongly believed—and still do—that great partnerships do not just fall out of the sky. It’s all about the long run.

Built by you

We opened our panel group of receptionists, managers and owners—our MHB heroes. Together we reinvented every little detail of bike rental through hotels. We managed to create the very first advanced bike rental system through hotels, designed and made for your convenience.

Rent a bike in 20 seconds

We went from filling in a rental form in 5 minutes to 3 minutes, to 1 minute, to 30 seconds and now—as of today—in 20 seconds. You have the freedom to easily edit and cancel rental forms online. And the system gives you a clear overview of all current and past rentals out there.

Report a repair in 3 clicks

We thought we nailed it at the second round. We didn’t. At least not for 100 hotels. Our evolution of communicating repairs is formed by experience. 1st: phone calls, 2nd: WhatsApp groups, 3rd: direct-mail—and right now: just 3 clicks and send. Say goodbye to “sorry, we don’t have bikes anymore”. Our team prioritizes each repair based on your bike-occupancy rate and the urgency of it. This way we make sure you always have enough bikes.


No more paperwork for your receptionists, less waiting time for your guests, no more one-by-one counting for your manager. Everything goes automatically and different logs equip you with the clearest overviews. At MyHotelBike transparency is key. You should be able to find all the answers to your questions at one glance.

We measure to improve

How much bikes are rented out at your hotel? Do you need more bikes in the weekends? Then you need to call us right? Not anymore. We track your occupancy rate and are ahead of the situation when you need more bikes. Another example: what is the best rental price to start with? Let’s find out. We do try-outs and measure the results. This way we make sure you get the highest returns on your rentals. The MyHotelBike Login environment has tons of these handy tech-solutions and with your input we are improving day by day.

As easy as ABC

We see hotels as our partners, tourists as our guests and locals as our companions. Our common goal defines the base for our natural flexibility. Together with you we have built the entire system from scratch, making bike rental an easy experience for everyone. Advanced behind the scenes and as easy as ABC behind the desk.

5 superpowers