A bike is not a unique selling point, your bike is.

Every hotel has its own identity, its own style and its own brand. Isn’t it time for your own hotel bike?

Arcade Bike — MyHotelBike
The Arcade bike at Amsterdam City East, more than 90% recycled. — MyHotelBike

5th superpower

In the early years of our company we had 100 different bikes. Simply because we focused on giving 2nd-hand bicycles new life. When we hit the 100 bikes, there was no time to celebrate. We received lots of complaints about our 100 different kind of hotel bikes. We directly talked with—and mainly listened to—receptionists, managers, owners and most importantly: your guests.

They turned our vision about the best rental bike around with 180 degrees. 

Every time we were outside you would catch us chatting with tourists. We did not ask anymore: what do you like about the bike? We start asking: what do you NOT like about the bike? A game changer. We as locals start understanding that tourists have a completely different view of a great bike than us. They turned our vision about the best rental bike around with 180 degrees.

Comfortable, strong and sexy

When asking hotel guests for the three essentials of a great rental bike, comfort is definitely number one. With a bullet. Safety first, the feet must be close to the ground and the hands close to the brakes. We quote: “Dutch brakes are Dutch, NOT Italian, Spanish or Chinese.” As second, they plead for a strong frame and strong parts—in other words: a strong bike. The lights, the standard, the luggage carrier, these kind of things should not fall of when cycling around the city. And as third, last but not least: the bike has to be sexy!

Your favourite bike

We are open to all your suggestions—your colors, quote and logo—and are here to guide you in creating the ideal bike for your guests. If there’s one thing our team is well aware of: we know that every hotel is different, every guest is different AND every bike is different. We only have one question left, how beautiful will yours be?

5 superpowers