Green is the most logical way to do business.

When you think about it, Going Green actually means to save costs, take care of each other and create a healthy planet. Who would say no to this?

Martin Trčka, Mechanic — MyHotelBike
Martin "The Rock" carrying a hotel bike on a cargo bike. — MyHotelBike

4th superpower

We started our company with four 2nd-hand—or actually 5th-hand—bicycles. Not only because we didn’t have enough money to buy new ones, but mostly because we just loved the idea to give these bikes new life. By recreating the way of using a bicycle, a single hotel bike could now give multiple experiences to multiple guests. This by changing the purpose of a bike from product to end-to-end service.

The logical way

At MyHotelBike we see two ways of fixing bikes. One: the lazy way. You replace bikes for new ones rapidly and do not give that much attention to serious maintenance. Two: the logical way. You give bikes the care they deserve and avoid replacing parts when they are fixable. Even when it takes some extra time.

Taking care vs. replacing

We call this the logical way because in life it works the same. To maintain a relationship of any kind it means taking care of it and not replacing it, right?

Recycling all the way to Africa

Sometimes you just can’t avoid it. A saddle with a hole, gears that only work on certain speeds or frames that are becoming too old… These things happen. And we realize that we are active in the hotel business, hotels want quality and so do we. If we can not maintain the quality and safety by re-fixing bikes, we directly replace what we need to replace. But what do we do with the old bike parts that are still usable? Give a Bike Foundation is our answer: we teamed up and together we give our old bike parts new life in Africa.

Bikes over cars

Imagine a request of a hotel to bring three extra bikes. Then you have to use a van right? But what if we don’t like that. What if we want to use a cargo bike instead of a van, is that even possible? The only way to know is to try, right? So we tried, starting with one… two… three… and now our record is five!

We hop on our cargo bikes and do 97% of our repairs on the spot.

We became the first bike rental company that delivers bikes on cargo bikes, and we are proud to be an inspiration to others. On top of that, we do not pick up bikes with a van to repair them at our working place. Instead, we hop on our cargo bikes and do 97% of our repairs on the spot. This way we reduce CO2 remissions and provide your hotel with a fast on-the-spot repair service.

Digital over paper

With our customized bike rental software we create a clear overview of rentals, repairs and invoices without printing unnecessary documents—in other words: we are saving tons of paper together. It motivates us to keep improving our digital activities and reducing our use of paper. Bikes and trees are both important, in the circle of life one simply doesn’t go without the other.

Be fit and go green

Cycling is a fun, fit and eco-friendly way to see the local sights. It’s a great alternative for driving a car or using the public transport. To stimulate the use of bicycles we’ve upgraded our bike rental service, from renting to hotel guests only to renting to anyone who feels like it! At the moment we collaborate with 5 rental stores that participate with our Go Green initiative. We are proud to offer bikes to people from all ages and places all around the world!

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