Everything for a smile is what we do.

What happens when you laugh? Actually that answer is quite simple: when you laugh, we all laugh! There is nothing more contagious than a loco cheering smile.

Hotel bikes at Coffeeshop "Dampkring" — MyHotelBike
Happy guests on hotel bikes at Coffeeshop "Dampkring" in Amsterdam. — MyHotelBike

3rd superpower

At MyHotelBike we love to make you happy, we really do! Fixing issues is our second nature. ‘Problem’ is a language we don’t speak— ‘Challenge’ we speak native.

When hotels are happy, we are happy!

Having fun while solving things, smiling when it rains, singing when it storms—like Bob Marley’s song: “don’t worry, be happy!”and when hotels are happy, we are happy!

From grumpy to happy

You know that feeling? When you are laughing now about a furious moment from the past? We try to speed up this change of emotion—from grumpy to happy. Here is an example: a guest decides to cycle all the way to the Amsterdamse Bos. As soon as he arrives at the forest, he puts his bike on a fence and locks his bike, but for some reason his key breaks. Bummer! So he calls the hotel and the hotel calls us. From here we as true firemen take over the situation.

“How about that as a souvenir from Amsterdam?”

We call the guest and tell him that we are on our way. In the meanwhile he can relax in a nearby cafe, “coffee is on us.” When we arrive we grind the lock and give him an experience he has never seen before. We talk, we laugh, we create firework! After this as the climax of the event we give him the broken lock. We smile and say: “how about that as a souvenir from Amsterdam?”

A team of joy

In a team you have nicknames, buddies, jokes, beers, every day is a different day, and you never know what to expect… That’s what keeps it exciting and in our team we just love to share our moments of joy!

Bike breaking moments

To give you an idea, we put 3 to 5 bikes on a regular cargo bike and cycle from A to B—in the meanwhile our creative management is sharing a post of the Prime Minister visiting the King on a bike, only in the Netherlands right? And we are proud of it! It inspires the world to keep on cycling and it stimulates an important message: bikes over cars!

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