Key to excellence: doing your very best.

24/7 means 24/7. It’s a choice. Every issue is a chance to learn and reshape our service. Your enthusiasm made us determined to succeed: “let’s cut this diamond to brilliance.”

24/7 Support — MyHotelBike
Owners of Hotel NL and MyHotelBike back in the days, the start of one big #bikefamily. — MyHotelBike

2nd superpower

When we started our company at first it wasn’t all that easy to find hotel partners. Most hotels already had bikes, didn’t have space or they simply wanted to keep their focus on the rooms, NOT bikes. We could easily have said, this is not the right industry to step into. But the thing is that we start loving this world.

The thing is that we start loving this world.

Hotels have people from everywhere. Locals, expats, Chinese families, Dutch owners, Russians, Moroccans, you name it. We were meeting people from all over the world. Lovely receptionists, inspiring managers and fascinating guests, in the city where we grew up as little kids.

One big #bikefamily

To be honest, we didn’t know anything about bikes and hotels when we placed our first hotel bikes. We just focused on solving problems for our hotel partners. We were like firemen, when something was up we were there. People started to appreciate our service—our care—and we learned from each other. Together we got stronger and stronger. This formed our DNA and nowadays we are happy to be part of one big bike family!

No promise. Proof.

We do everything for our hotel partners. Picking up bikes in the city, fishing for keys in the canals, searching for guests in the woods. As crazy as it can get, we are always on our way. Our current hotel partners know this but how do you proof a 24/7 support service to new hotels? We love to think of new solutions to proof our 24/7 support during the weekends, holidays and nights. It makes us want to pick up every phone call, because it’s great to amaze you with our statistics.

As crazy as it can get, we are always on our way.

For example: a call-system that gathers statistics and forwards phone calls when someone is in a meeting. How many calls did we answer last month? Who answered which phone call? Our history shows a hit rate of 98% percent and all data is visible online—the 2% that we didn’t answer are mostly calls in the night that we called back 1 to 5 minutes later. When we link these statistics to our 3-click repair system and direct mail tickets, you see the core of our job: to support your staff when needed, 24/7.

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