Inspiring cities worldwide

The impact we make as a team is motivating cities to green up and therefore something to be proud of! Thank you for performing the following activities together:

+22,000 on-the-spot repairs, on cargo bikes

+340,000 cycling experiences of happy guests

+14,000 donated products to Give a Bike Foundation

(Statistics from 2011 to 2019)

Reducing carbon footprint with more than 340,000 cycling experiences of happy guests and over 10,000 cycling miles by MyHotelBike Mechanics.

“Cycling is a fun and healthy activity that reduces carbon emissions by a substantial amount—which is why we encourage the use of regular bikes and cargo bikes as a form of transportation.”


Giving bikes a sustainable lifecycle with more than 22,000 on-the-spot repairs at 305 hotels.

“97% of our repairs are fixed on the spot. Knowing that every year over a million bicycle parts get thrown away, it became our second nature to not only fix bicycles but also the parts they carry—instead of ‘simply’ replacing them.”

We challenge ourselves to develop the most sustainable bike of the world.

Developing the most sustainable bike of the world together and innovating with carton-free packed bicycles.

“We use as less products as possible and always think in long-term solutions. Which eco-friendly tire can travel the most miles? How can a light constantly charge itself without using a battery? How can we best protect the bike from rain in the cities, snow in the mountains and salt at the beaches? In addition to these production topics, we have been the first bike company to fully eliminate the use of carton boxes in our logistic proces, transporting our bikes 100% carton free without experiencing any damages.”

Donating more than 14,000 bicycle parts to Give a Bike Foundation.

“When there is no other way than replacing a part, we recycle this part by donating it to Give a Bike Foundation. This part then gets a second life through social projects. By giving bicycles away for free, Give a Bike Foundation wants to empower third world countries and specifically support the people who could really use a bike to simplify their daily activities.”

In every department innovative ideas are coming to life.

Reducing the use of paper by enhancing digital activities.

“With our online system we are using 67% less paper than the average bike rental company—needing only one form for the physical signature instead of three complete forms (one copy for the guest, one for the hotel and one for the rental company). In terms of signing the agreements between hotel and MyHotelBike we are now 100% paper free and we have the same ambition for the rental forms. We are planning to achieve this ambition by activating a digital signature at all reception desks in the next 3 years. In the meanwhile many operational activities are digitalized, think of daily routes for our mechanics, storage of products and bikes for our management, documentation of rental activities for our hotel partners—in every department innovative ideas are coming to life.”


Creating a cycling culture with more than 4,000 hotel bikes in 32 cities and 3 countries.

“It’s our goal to inspire cities to create more bike paths, enhance cycling activities and accelerate new sustainable solutions.”

With more to come, by launching our franchising formula in 2020 we’re aiming to reach 1 million bikes in the next two decades.