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Our bicycle rental service is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of hotels and guests.



Built from the ground up

12 years of experience

Local approach, global impact

Creating a cycling culture

Educating guests about cycling

24/7 support

Repair on the road service

100% custom-designed bicycles

Own bicycle brand: MHB®



Best-in-class software for bike rental through hotels

8 years of development

Own IP (MyHotelBike Software)

Co-created with more than 600 hotels

API solutions for various hotel systems


QR system

In-depth knowledge about rentals and repairs

Add a repair in 3 clicks

Add a rental in 20 seconds



Building the world's most sustainable bicycle

Increasing the daily usage of our bicycles

Performing the majority of our repairs on electric cargo bikes

Increasing the ratio of repairs to rides

Creating a paperless environment

Eliminating the use of carton boxes

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Giving back

Giving away bicycles to people who live in poverty

Tracking the afterlife of each donated bicycle

Creating job opportunities

Offering repair workshops

Organizing meetups in the fields of hospitality, CSR and sustainability

Training mechanics with challenging backgrounds

Sharing stories that inspire and guide long term change

Growing our impact with MyHotelBike Foundation

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Launching fresh cycling initiatives

Organizing events such as exhibitions, workshops, meetups and galleries

Learning from guest opinions

Providing a consistent global brand experience for hotel chains

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