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At MyHotelBike, we adore cycling, embrace diversity and challenge ourselves to develop a more harmonious world. We see cycling as the most intuitive and planet-friendly way to commute from one place to another. With that in mind, it’s our aim to inspire governments to improve cycling infrastructure in their cities and for people to choose the bicycle as their number one mode of transport.

Cycling culture

Some things that are normal for the Dutch are not normal for others. Think of mothers cycling their kids to school, rain or shine. Boys and girls discovering how to fix their bicycles. Inventors working on the most handy bike types. Businessmen, teachers and prime ministers all cycling to work. Or, youngsters pedaling over 300 miles from Amsterdam to Paris. We believe that bike enthusiasts can change things around. In our view creating a cycling culture means inspiring others to jump on a bike and let cycling become normal practice worldwide. We welcome you to join the ride!

17 Oct 2011

On 17 October 2011, two Mexican-Dutch brothers launch MyHotelBike. Charmed by the cultural heritage of Amsterdam, they make it their mission to deliver the most wonderful cycling experiences to visitors from all around the globe.


Hotel Max is the first hotel that teams up with us!

We reach 100 bikes!

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, easyHotel wants to work with us in all three cities or none, so we take the leap!

Hard work pays off, bikes and hotels have been doubling every year. Time to reorganise for further growth.

MyHotelBike’s founders transform a simple contact form into an online rental form. A move that would later result in the world's most valuable software for bike rental through hotels.

The City of Amsterdam's decision to make the Leidse Square, Rembrandt Square and Dam Square bike-free parking zones results in MyHotelBike losing more than 20 of its hotel partners. Dedicated to moving forward, we prepare to make our comeback in the suburbs.

MyHotelBike becomes a market leader in Amsterdam, our software celebrates 3-years of existence and we move from different, good old, anti-squat locations to a more permanent workplace.

MyHotelBike acquires Capital Bikes. 36 new prestigious hotels are added as partners of the bike family, totalling to a grand of 425 bikes. New partnerships include luxurious hotels such as The Dylan, Soho House, Sir Adam and Lloyd Hotel.

MyHotelBike acquires Hotelbikes. 72 well-known hotels and more than 1,000 bikes are added to MHB’s portfolio.

We recreate the white Provo-bike for Hilton’s John & Yoko suite, celebrating the hotel’s 100th anniversary.

MyHotelBike is printed on the Dutch national newspaper, Trouw, which is read by more than a quarter of a million people a day.

MyHotelBike is published in Made in Amsterdam—a book about Amsterdam’s most innovative companies that are on the verge of conquering the world.

We launch our franchising formula aiming to reach 1 million bikes in the next two decades.

MyHotelBike Antwerp becomes our 1st franchise.

MyHotelBike Berlin becomes our 2nd franchise.

We team up with Mews to further simplify our sustainable, cloud-based hospitality solutions. You can read all about it in The Green Hotel of the Future guide.

MyHotelBike acquires FixieBrothers’ hotel division and welcomes 18 Stayokay hostels as partners.

We partner with the world-famous Amstel Hotel, to which presidents, royals and many celebrities occasionally pay a visit.

MyHotelBike Mallorca becomes our 3rd franchise.

MyHotelBike moves its headquarters to a great and spacious building where the whole team can work in sync.

We launch our brand new presentation website that shows live data from the MyHotelBike Software so that we can build on our climate and social goals in an utmost transparent way.

MyHotelBike Gelderland becomes our 4th franchise.

MyHotelBike Hamburg becomes our 5th franchise.

MyHotelBike officialy launches its Giving Back Program and Sustainability Program to make a much-needed difference in the world we live in.

MyHotelBike acquires Roetz’ hotel division and welcomes the hotels of YAYS and Boat & Co as partners.

MyHotelBike Dresden becomes our 6th franchise.

The MyHotelBike Foundation gets approved by the Dutch government.


Jan Tooropstraat 537
1061 AE Amsterdam
Open: 9 AM — 6:00 PM

Bike mechanics
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Rest of the World
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