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Giving back

If there’s one thing that we have learned from our first decade, it is that we are at our most effective when we are united. This understanding inspired us to launch our Giving Back Program. A social initiative that involves all layers of society. Together with our industry partners, we are creating an ecosystem of giving back to the community and environment. Our aspiration is to create a world where renting bikes brings on giving bikes, new jobs and prosperity for all involved.


United Nations’ definition:
noun: poverty inability to provide for the basic necessities of life.

Poverty manifests itself in: (very) limited financial resources; limited access to (healthy) food, housing, health care (e.g. health insurance); limited opportunities to continue learning after the compulsory school period; and limited access to education—which generally results in health problems and social exclusion.

People who can no longer pay their rent or children who have to leave their homes without breakfast are only some examples of so-called ‘silent’ poverty.

People who have been lifted out of poverty often find themselves in a poverty situation again afterwards.

People living below the poverty line

Government statistics (Millions) BE DE NL ES
Adults 1.0 10.7 0.8 10.3
Children 0.5 2.8 0.2 2.7
Total 1.5 13.5 1.0 13.0
Inhabitants 11.7 84.5 17.2 46.8
Poverty rate 13.2% 16.0% 5.8% 27.8%


We believe that a bike—being a low-cost, social, healthy and sustainable form of transport—can definitely change things for the better. The plan is to gather our resources to take on the challenge of decreasing poverty issues. Instead of individually donating one bicycle to one person, with thousands of hotels, united we can recurrently give back thousands of bikes to thousands of persons. The bikes can be used for going to school, going to football, cycling with friends, doing groceries and many more frequent activities. As a spin-off effect, we expect that our Giving Back Program will lead receivers to apply for jobs in both the hotel and bike industry, just to name one of the many opportunities this program could open up for one and all.


bicycles that are expected to be given away

Giving away the majority of our used bicycles to people who live below the poverty line.

Offering (job) opportunities to people who were previously excluded from society.

Emphasising the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self-study, practical experience and environmental care.

Inviting backers to give away bicycles to receivers.

Teaching people how to fix their own bicycles.

Organizing meetups in the fields of hospitality, CSR and sustainability.


It is impressive to see how the bicycle—the most sustainable vehicle of the world—once again is able to connect each and every one to a greater goal as we are taking on the challenge of decreasing poverty issues worldwide.

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