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MyHotelBike's Experience Program serves as an instrument of change to get bike enthusiasts involved in fresh cycling initiatives. It gives bike creatives a platform to present their talent to an international audience. Think of exhibitions, workshops, meetups, galleries or any other bike event that may cross your mind. On top of that, it provides us with the opportunity to learn from each other by gathering honest and valuable opinions from a diverse range of cyclists.

Bike events

As we aim to make the bicycle our number one mode of transport, we believe that knowing how to maintain yours at home is key for success. That's why we are eager to teach locals and visitors how to fix a flat tire, repair a bell, adjust a saddle and so much more. From bike maintenance to safe cycling, for MyHotelBike it is an honour to pass on its know-how and make sure that people cycle around safely and happily no matter where they are. Photo exhibitions and art galleries about cycling experiences are examples of other bike events that foster creativity. Most of our events are organized in close cooperation with hotels, making them accessible for a wide variety of bike enthusiasts.

Ask, learn, improve

If you don't ask people about their rides, you'll simply not know if and how much they liked their rides. By inviting everyone to leave an honest opinion about their rides, we aim to improve people's cycling experiences all around the world. To be clear, it is not our goal to receive five-star reviews, they are welcome of course but first and foremost it is our goal to learn from our reviews—both compliments and critical opinions. That is how we want to maintain a pioneering role in the development of the world's most sustainable bicycle and improvements in cycling experiences across the globe.

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