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The impact we make as a team is motivating cities to green up and therefore something to be proud of. With our Sustainability Program we innovate the much-needed solutions that preserve our environment and inspire people to not only go cycling but also invite them to learn more about maintaining a bicycle when using one on a daily basis.


repairs performed on electric cargo bikes


We challenge ourselves to develop the most sustainable bike of the world—a bike forever.

We aim to increase the average usage of our bicycles by keeping track of the global cycling data from the MyHotelBike Software and building upon the results.

Knowing that every year over a million bicycle parts get thrown away, it became our second nature to not only fix bicycles but also the parts they carry (instead of ‘simply’ replacing them).

Our company has always been about choosing the bicycle as our number one mode of transport—also for repairs—which automatically reduces our carbon footprint.


daily usage


rides before repair


With MyHotelBike Systems, we are cocreating a paperless environment for our employees, partners, franchisees and guests.

We are the first bike company that aims to fully eliminate the use of carton boxes in its logistic process.


paper rental forms saved


We believe that a bike should be made available to anyone, also to someone who cannot afford it. Therefore we give away most of our pre-owned bicycles to those in need.

Together we are amplifying the difference that cycling activities can make. Having launched our franchising formula in 2020, we’re aiming to reach 1 million bicycles in the next two decades.

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