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Starting your MyHotelBike franchise means you’ll be creating a cycling culture in a place you love. Our state-of-the-art software, custom-made bicycles and over 12 years of industry experience will make you enjoy your new venture right from the start.

Marius Wolsink, franchise co-owner of MyHotelBike Berlin—Image: Boris Guntenaar


Built from the ground up, our franchise formula enables you to deliver five-star cycling experiences to hotel guests from all around the globe. A MyHotelBike franchise initially exists of no more than one mechanic as the franchisee who is empowered by the franchisor's expertise in the bicycle and hospitaltiy industry. With the MyHotelBike Software, one mechanic is able to manage between 1.000 and 1.500 bikes—spread over 100 to 250 hotels—without hiring a single employee, nor having a workplace. It is possible to hire employees or rent a workplace, but it is not a must—the bikes are placed at hotels and the repairs are done on site. In our mission to create a cycling culture worldwide, our franchise formula enables us to scale up our impact at a rapid pace. Two success factors are: 1) someone owning a franchise ensures the joint heritage of responsibility; 2) collectively, we are more effective in generalising sustainable and social development across the planet, i.e. by giving away most of our pre-owned bicycles to those in need and building the world's most sustainable bicycle.


1 Mechanic + MyHotelBike Software

Without employee: 100-250 Hotels, 1.000-1.500 Bicycles

Guided by the principles of safety and comfort, we challenge ourselves to develop the most sustainable bicycle of the world.

Together with a wide variety of receptionists, managers, hotel owners and bike mechanics, MyHotelBike has pioneered a software solution for bike rental through hotels. The MyHotelBike Software provides you with everything you need to manage your bike rentals from beginning to end.

Throughout our first decade we have been working with accommodation establishments varying from hostels to luxury hotels. Moreover, we partnered with hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott and Accor to accelerate our common sustainable and social processes on a global scale.

Antonio "Tony" Machado Martos, franchise co-owner of MyHotelBike Mallorca—Image: Erik Breuer


The below areas are made available for licensing to third parties. If you want to apply for a license, or if you have any questions about the franchise formula, feel free to send an email to Francisco ([email protected]). As one of the two founders of MyHotelBike Worldwide and CEO of MyHotelBike Franchising, he is keen to meet bike enthusiasts from all over the world and share ideas about environmental and social initiatives.

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