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April 4, 2024

Your cycling experience is yours and yours only—that matters to us. Therefore, we try to limit the personal data gathered from your rental to the absolute minimum necessary. On this page you can read about our privacy policy.

MHB Software

We, MyHotelBike, process certain personal data in our MHB Software in order to send financial results and rental statistics to our hotel partners. These personal data used by MyHotelBike are outlined in detail below and kept as long as the cooperation between MyHotelBike and the relevant hotel partner continues:‌

We store the names of the employees of our hotel partners;

We store the telephone numbers and email addresses of our hotel partners;

We only store the signed rental forms of our tenants and related invoices in order to be able to temporarily collect the payments and rentals as a burden of proof, among ourselves and for governmental organisations, such as Tax Authorities;

We do not mention the names of our tenants on the invoices we sent to our hotel partners. We use reference numbers instead;‌

Our hotel partners store the signed physical rental forms of our tenants that include our tenants’ names and the names of the hotel employees who assisted in the booking of the rentals for a maximum period of one month and will destroy these forms afterwards;

We store the online rental forms that include our tenants’ names and the names of the hotel employees who assisted in the booking of the rentals for a maximum period of one year, in order to be able to close the annual accounts. We anonymize these forms afterwards;

We do not exchange any personal data of our tenants—within or outside the European Union—to any party other than companies managed by MyHotelBike Worldwide B.V. and/or hotel partners and/or if required by law governmental organizations;

By signing our (bike rental) terms and conditions, the tenant agrees to pass on his/her full name to MyHotelBike. In addition, if the bike rented by the tenant gets lost or stolen, the tenant agrees to pass on his/her home address, email address, telephone number, birth date, place of birth and passport number to MyHotelBike.

The personal data we collect are in the first instance always passed on to MyHotelBike by our hotel partners or tenants. MyHotelBike will never collect personal data without informing the applicable hotel partners or tenants about it beforehand. If you wish to revoke any permission described in this article, you must send an e-mail to [email protected].

If certain personal details are incorrect and a person wishes to change these details, we will apply these changes within a maximum period of one week. The person in question reserves, at all times, the right of access and the right of correction, even the right of deletion, if this is possible by Dutch Law/Tax Authorities.

The online processing of personal data are operated via the following external systems/companies: all requests are processed via Cloudflare; the data is stored at Google; and the e-mails are processed by Google.‌

Should a so-called “data breach” occur, which creates a risk for the rights and freedoms of our tenants, we will contact all affected parties/persons within 72 hours, including the relevant hotel partners, tenants and the Personal Data Authority.

Smart Lock App

The data gathered in the MyHotelBike Smart Lock App falls under the responsibility of X-Bike B.V. You can read their privacy policy on

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