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We like to bike

When you are visiting the country of bikes, a bike becomes your new taxi. And what is more fun than a bike trip with your buddies? Wherever we are, we all just like to bike!


Bike by bike, hotel by hotel and city by city.

108 Amsterdam
19 Rotterdam
17 The Hague
6 Maastricht
8 Utrecht
4 Eindhoven
3 Zaandam
1 Breda
1 Breukelen
1 Delft
1 Den Bosch
1 Gorinchem
1 Gouda
1 Leeuwarden
1 Leiden
1 Lelystad
1 Venlo
1 Vinkeveen
1 Vlaardingen
1 Zevenaar
1 Zwolle

14 Antwerpen
3 Wavre
1 Brussels
1 Gent
1 Vilvoorde

196 bicycle hotels in 26 cities and 2 countries.

Join the ride

Get tailor-made bikes for free and enjoy our easy system. You gain a share of the turnover, branded bike-content and awesome fotoshoots. All on the house!